NHS Treatment

The Practice is fortunate to be able to provide NHS services as per contract. After a huge response after opening our books, it is with regret

that we are having to close them  again, our waiting list is a least 6 months long and we feel it is unfair to keep taking new patients on

Emergency Treatment

We are unable to offer out of hours emergencies at the practice, however if you require out of hours assistance, please contact NHS direct on 111. This line may be advice only.   For Emergency treatment in surgery hours please ring 01621 816688 at 8.30

Private Care

There are often private alternatives to treatment that may be provided on the NHS. Some require increased laboratory time using a master technician, or using superior quality materials and equipment. Your requirements are personal and, an indication of what can be achieved and the cost involved can only be given after an in-depth consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. A guide to our private fees can be found here.

Orthodontic Treatment

We are able to provide NHS orthodontic treatment to children.  This involves the provision of removable, fixed and functional appliances to a limited number of orthodontic cases.

To find out more or arrange and appointment Contact Us.

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