Replace metallic with white:

Rather than use Amalgam (silver) fillings, many people choose to replace these with white fillings. The advantages are in clear in the aesthetic and these retain the look of the original tooth material.

Modern composites are extremely tough and should give a long and satisfactory service.

White fillings have always been considered less long lasting than silver amalgam fillings. But there are now new materials with properties comparable to silver amalgam, and these are proving to be very successful.

The life expectancy of a white filling can depend greatly on where it is in your mouth and how heavily your teeth come together hwne you bite. Your dentist can advise you on the life expectancy of your filling.

White fillings are mainly made of glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient. As well as being mercury-free, these type of fillings are not as sensitive to hot and cold fluids and foods.

White fillings are not available as part of NHS treatment. To find out more, please contact us for prices and availability.