Veneers & Crowns:


Although veneers have been around for a long time, it is not only until the last five year that modern laboratory techniques have made them very predictable. They are comparable to modern false fingernails! Their advantage is that most cases actual tooth loss reduction is very minimal, and occasionally can be down without even a local anaesthetic. As they have no metal base you do not get the occasional shadow as with a bonded metal crown after years with gingival recession, they are therefore less likely to require replacement as often as a normal crown on the front teeth.

The main disadvantage is their strength, if caught unawares they may chip or crack, but as they are fully bonded to the tooth this does not become an emergency for repair/replacement subject to individual circumstances they may be provided on the NHS. Please enquire for details if the situation excludes a veneer on strength or wear grounds, we have enrolled the services of a specialist crown and bridge laboratory to provide a range of metal free restorations. These are of the latest CAN/CAM manufacture using a milled block of Zirconia or similar and are guaranteed for an extended period. Due to the lab cost these are not available on the NHS. Again enquire for details.