What we offer:

The practice is dedicated to providing as much treatment as possible under the NHS, however there are some items, usually under a cosmetics directive, that can only be done under a private contract.

Our front office team

Bev, Dental Nurses and front office team

There are private alternatives to all forms of treatment available, some involve increased laboratory time using a master technician in their manufacture, or the use of a superior quality material. Your requirements in any of these procedures are personal and, due to the complexity of the fees structure, an indication of what can be achieved and the cost involved can only be given at the time of consultation.


The practice is dedicated to provide as much in-house treatment as possible, both in the use of removable and fixed appliance therapies, both on children and selected adult cases, using if necessary tooth coloured brackets and wires.

Our Dentists

Clive Alex
Clive Bainbridge BDS Alex Champelovier BDS
Kate Mimi
Kate Ranson BDS MFG DP Mimi Booth BDS


Our Hygienists

Rebecca Alison
Rebecca Harman EDH Alison Fisk DipDHRCS(Eng)

Domiciliary visits:

It is often very difficult for some patients to attend the surgery without a lot of hassle and inconvenience, even though we have full disabled access. Obviously some procedures do require surgery attendance, again this can be decided upon consultation, and if possible will be done at home.

Cross-infection control:

There has been a lot of publicity over the years as to what constitutes efficient and adequate measures for the above. The practice conforms in every respect to Government and Health Service guidelines. Not only do we employ the latest addition to recommendations, a dedicated Washer/Disinfector, but we use ultra-sonic cleaning baths and certified steam autoclaves routinely.

Latest equipment

Wherever possible the use of single procedure/disposable instruments and techniques is advocated, so that patients can rest assured that everything possible is being done to prevent any risk of the above.